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  • We issues certification cards the SAME day!
  • Our Instructors are Firefighters, EMT's, and Paramedics.
  • 1:1 Student/Manikin Ratio.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee that you'll pass.
  • We have been around longer than most of the other agencies. (As a matter of fact we have trained some of their instructors)
  • There are no hidden fees. Books and materials are all included.
  • Our CPR card is good for two years instead of one.
  • Our CPR and First aid courses include Learning Links and Digital Downloads to supplement the class. 
  • Our classes meet State licensing requirements for Child Cares, Foster Parents, Teachers, and many more.

Again, we issue cards on the day of training after payment is received. Unlike some competitors we won't tell you that we hope to give you the cards on the same day. Also, some companies offer to provide you a "letter" of certification UNTIL you cards arrive. At Indiana Safety and Health you get your cards on time, every time! Expect better results and less excuses. We offer a
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't pass, we'll refund your payment!

Our Instructors have REAL-WORLD experience. All of our Primary Instructors are Firefighters/EMT's or Paramedics. Would you take flight lessons from someone that has never flown before? What about a driver's education class from someone that has never driven? Why take a CPR class from someone that does not have the practical experience or knowledge to pass onto the classroom? Some competitors offer gimmicks like a free pen, but few offer real world experienced instructors. Expect better results and less excuses. Choose Indiana Safety and Health today!

Now Indiana Safety and Health issues Enhanced CPR and First Aid Certification Cards. These cards will come with a unique code that will allow students access to Digital Student Handbooks and Learning Links. With this code students can register to receive Learning Links emails throughout their certification period. Learning Links are brief, web-based segments that review emergency care topics covered during their class, helping them to retain their readiness to respond to an illness, injury, or medical emergency. A student handbook will still be issued for all classes.

Our Mission
Indiana Safety and Health is an organization that provides training in first aid, CPR, bloodborne pathogens and other OSHA compliant classes. We are committed to providing the best training possible. We continuously update our materials and make sure our instructors have the experience and knowledge to pass on to the classroom setting! ISHI offers AED programs to businesses.

Our instructors have over 30 years of emergency and teaching experience.  The company’s primary focus is training individuals and organizations collectively in First Aid and CPR.  We provide all student materials, manikins and train at your site around your hours.  Here are some of the benefits of choosing Indiana Safety and Health as your local training center:
  • Instructors have over 30 years combined teaching experience!
  • Instructors are EMT’s, firefighters, and paramedics.
  • Instructors make learning fun, exciting, and easy to understand.
  • Certification cards are issued the day of training.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on successful completion. If you don't pass, we'll refund your payment!
  • There is a 1:1 student/manikin ratio.
  • Enhanced CPR and First Aid Certification Cards are issued with a digital handbook.  Students will still receive pocket guide in class as well.
  • ISHI will come out to you site as long as there is 5 or more students. (This is if the class is in Marion County or 1 contiguous county out - Saturday classes are 10 person minimum. For classes outside this area call for details. We customize training's all over the State of Indiana!)
  • ISHI will work with your company to provide training around your schedule; day or night, week or weekend.
  • ISHI programs are flexible to meet specific industry needs without compromising the overall learning and certification process.
  • ISHI prices are very competitive. Your company can save up to $20 per person on our CPR/First Aid Course alone!  This savings translates into being able to train more people and is easier on the budget.
  • ISHI materials, like books, certification cards, etc are included in the price.  There are no hidden fees when you sign up for an ISHI class.

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